Smokey Quartz Two-toned Sterling Silver Ring G207


Two-Toned Smokey Quartz Ring



Ring Size 7

Metal Type:925

Weight (grams): 6


Gemstone Specifics

Stone Type: Smokey Quartz

Shape: Oval


Carat Total Weight

MM Length: .8 mm

MM Width:10.1mm

MM Depth: 5.9


We use a GEMOLOGIS PISTACHIO Tester to test our gemstone jewelry.  The PISTACHIO tests the thermal conductivity of gemstones. Due to the same chemical composition of synthetic (lab created) and natural colored gems, the thermal inertia of synthetic (lab created) stones has the same heat conductivity as natural gemstones.  The PISTACHIO cannot distinguish between synthetic (lab created) and natural gems by testing its thermal inertia only. Thus, we can only tell you if it is — NOTa natural or lab created stone ? a simulant/imitation (made of glass, resin, plastic or dyes). We will only list a stone as natural if we are 100% sure! 


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